Please note* all patterns are created for the copper foil technique,
If you wish to use lead came then create 1mm lines with wide pen


All patterns are reversed if necessary and at 200 resolution for a good quality print. We mostly provide them as pdf files, there are many free pdf readers online such as Adobe Acrobat

Print out as many as you need – I normally do 3:

  • 1 to place over glass and cut from
  • 1 to assemble the finished pieces on
  • 1 to cut up to for darker colours and draw around

Printing Basics

Some of our patterns have various sizes available, so select the preferred size then:

  • Print at 100%
  • Set to Landscape or Portrait 
  • Do not scale to fit media
  • Use a pdf reader such as Acrobat Reader if needed
  • Select ‘Grayscale’ and ‘Standard’ quality to save on ink