Downloading & Printing

Please note* all patterns are created for the copper foil technique, If you wish to use lead came then create 1½mm lines with wide pen


Once you’ve purchase a pattern you’ll get instant access to your files on the ‘Order Received’ page as soon as you’ve checked out. You will also get an email with the subject ‘ Your Stained Glass Patterns order is now complete‘ with direct download link. If you can’t find this please check your spam folder.

Any problem please contact me on:


All patterns are reversed if necessary and at 200 resolution for a good quality print. We mostly provide them as pdf files, there are many free pdf readers online such as Adobe Acrobat

Print out as many as you need – I normally do 3:

  • 1 to place under the glass and cut from
  • 1 to assemble the finished pieces on
  • 1 to cut up to for darker colours and draw around

Printing Basics

Some of our patterns have various sizes available, so select the preferred size then:

  • Print at 100%
  • Set to Landscape or Portrait 
  • Do not scale to fit media
  • Use a pdf reader such as Acrobat Reader if needed
  • Select ‘Grayscale’ and ‘Standard’ quality to save on ink