Black Lives Matter Fist Symbol – Simpler


Copyright free. Please share, make, gift, sell and donate the proceeds. This is not free to make a personal profit from.

Ready for copper foil, this design prints on 1 x A4 (US Letter) sheet and measures 20cm (7.8″) across, when printing set your printer to ‘Actual Size’ (don’t select ‘fit to page’)

Print as many as you need, I tend to do 3:

  • 1st to cut from/through
  • 2nd to cut up for darker colours
  • 3rd to place the finished pieces on

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1 review for Black Lives Matter Fist Symbol – Simpler

  1. Noreen Colmenero

    Pretty! This has been a really wonderful post. Many thanks for supplying this info. I can believe I’m still protesting this sh*t. Got one of these t-shirts

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